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Shingled Roof Treated with Shingle Kote 1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallon Pail & 55 Gallon Drum of Fire Kote 100



Meets or exceeds ASTM E-84, ASTM E-108, ASTM D-2898, NFPA 255, NFPA 703 & UL 723
  • Industrial strength, Class "A" flame retardant for wood shingles.
  • Covers 200 sq. ft. per gallon with instructed application.
  • Can be used as spray or applied by paint roller or brush.
Comes in a 1, 5, 55 and 220 gallon containers.
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Perserve and Protect Your Wood Shingle Roof

Treated and Untreated Shingles Side by Side Comparison

SHINGLE KOTE 200™ gives the full protection of our industrial strength formula with the ability to help protect your rooftop from harmful weathering as well as giving older shingles a renewed look. This is the solution for keeping your roof fire code friendly, restored and strengthened from the threat of fire.

Shingle Kote 200™ can be used for all outter trim and other wood pieces such as siding, soffits, and more. Product can be painted or stained after application.

Properties and Benefits

Shingle Kote 200™ is an invisible, water-based resin that deeply penetrades wood surfaces by an intumescent action given in its trade secret formula. It has been world renowned as providing the best possible protection from fire and flame by severly reducing flame spread and smoke development by 70% and higher.

SK-200™ is easy to apply and has no petroleum derivitaves or PBDEs. Treated surfaces are non-toxic and help to resist black mold, mildews and even insects. It also contains an UV inhibitor which guards against external sun rays for longer lasting protection on outside surfaces. Please refer to our PDF tech sheet for more product information or call our office to talk to professionals on all other product details.