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Metal Beams Treated with UnifireX Multiple Bags of UnifireX



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Helps meet MEA 411-03-M, ANS/UL 263, ASTM E119 and a host of assembly designs see NFPA 251, UL 1709
  • Class "A" thermal coating meeting class 1 and 2 ratings
  • Coverage depends on thickness applied for required rating (see below)
  • Applied by ceiling hopper with portable augers and insulation machines
This product is sold as a dry mix compound in 31 lb. bags and comes with our flame retardant additive/curing agent.
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The Most Practical Solution to Insulating Against Heat and Flame

Applicator applying UnifireX F-10 Thermal Coating to steel beams

Use as a transferable fiberous coating to create a 1 or 2 hour rating for steel or other metals and materials. UnifireX exceeds as a superior SFRM (Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials) which can out perform and out last all others. A better solution than fire rated gypsum board. It's easier to handle, has a lighter weight and is accessible where sheet rock is difficult to set.

Our exclusive formula with increased fire protection makes it the number one thermal coating for fire proofing. Use on steel ceilings, walls, beams and columns. Can be applied on sheet rock, galvanized steal, iron, plywood and most other dry surfaces. Can also be used patch work where older coatings have chipped off. A textured finish application that can be left as is or can be painted after application. (Note if applied to wood surface you may be required to treat the wood first with flame retardant for wood such as Wood Shield W-1000 or Fire Kote 100 a class A flame retardant for wood) Recommended for Commercial and Residential use.

Spread rate: Spread rate will depend on the measure of fire protection desired. Example: Thickness 3/16" inch= 30 min.,3/8" inch=1 hour, 1/2" inch = 2 hour resistance. Spread rate 32 sq. ft. of material per 31 lb. bag of Unifirex F-10™ dry mix= for 1 hour. Spread rate for 2 hours 23 sq. ft. per bag of UNIFIREX F-10™ dry mix. Remember this is surface area of the treatment. These are approximate spread rates as there can be loss with over spray and thickness variances.